Anima Mundi 71-0, 2017

title: Fig. 013 "Anima Mundi 71-0"
material: JPEG size: a4 year: 2017

Remax on: Imi Knoebel Anima Mundi. "This new group of paintings show the importance of color and geometry as Wassily Kandinsky and Johannes Itten theorized it. Each painting is constructed in the same manner, in five parts. The colored nuances associated to this repeated geometric construction create moments of attraction and contradiction, of balance or disharmony. The combinations generate a sensation, a vibration. Anima Mundi 45-3 is a practically atonal minimal triptych in three variations of pale green, grey and white/silver. A single black horizontal line balances the three identical forms. Anima Mundi 44-3 plays with the striking contrasts of red and yellow with shades of pink. A certain impression of violence emanates from this playful composition. The larger groupings read almost like signal flags on the wall but it is actually about pure abstraction. The installation is enriched through its dichotomy; the colored signs interact with each other like in a musical score. Knoebel's paintings bring us to the heart of Kandinsky's reflection on the power of colors on our soul: "Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with its many chords. The artist is the hand that, by touching this or that key, causes vibrations in the soul." From a press release by Galerie Thaddaeus Ropa

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