Impure Beauty, 2016

titel/title: Fig. 008 “Impure Beauty” materiaal/material: JPEG formaat/size: a4 jaar/year: 2016

Remax on /Artist: Jeff Koons born 1955 /Title: Three Ball Total Equilibrium Tank (Two Dr J Silver Series, Spalding NBA Tip-Off) /Year: 1985 /Medium: Glass, steel, pneumatic feet, 3 rubber basketballs and water /Dimensions: (Unconfirmed) 1536 x 1238 x 336 mm /Collection: Tate /Acquisition: Purchased 1995 and /Artist: John Baldessari /Title: "Cutting Ribbon, Man In Wheelchair, Paintings (Version #2), /Year: 1988" shows John Baldessari's signature technique, faces covered with colorful circles. The practice had its genesis when the artist idly stuck a price sticker on the face of someone pictured in a newspaper clipping.